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How execuluxe got started

As a busy executive constantly traveling to conferences and managing the daily commute to the office, I often found myself juggling multiple items: laptop, lunch, purse, coffee, paperwork, and more. This left me feeling disorganized and overwhelmed. I wanted a bag that could carry it all, but also be fashionable. However, I couldn't find anything suitable. If a bag was spacious enough, it looked like luggage, and if it was stylish, it was too small or had to be hoisted onto my shoulders. Who wants that?

That's why I spent two years designing the EXECULUXE™. I wanted it to be both sexy and functional—something you can be proud to show off at work while holding everything you need.

Welcome to EXECULUXE™, where luxury effortlessly blends with functionality, providing bespoke solutions for the diverse lives of modern professionals. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Jessi Park, EXECULUXE™ is dedicated to catering to the discerning needs of individuals seeking a bag that embodies sophistication while delivering unmatched practicality.

Inspired by the challenges faced by professionals from all walks of life, Jessi Park, a visionary CEO, author, speaker, and parent, sought to revolutionize the world of luxury bags. The search for a bag that seamlessly met the dynamic lifestyle demands of modern individuals often left much to be desired. Driven by the vision of creating a truly exceptional solution, Jessi embarked on a journey to redefine the very concept of luxury accessories.

At EXECULUXE™, our mission is to empower and inspire professionals by offering bespoke small-batched bags that personify elegance and efficiency. We envision redefining the landscape of travel accessories, presenting a range of versatile bags that adapt seamlessly to the multifaceted lives of modern working individuals.

Indulge in the allure of our signature EXECULUXE™ vegan leather bags, meticulously handcrafted to elevate your style and elevate your daily experiences. Whether you're a CEO leading boardroom meetings, an author crafting captivating stories, a speaker inspiring audiences, a dedicated parent managing life's demands, or simply someone in pursuit of excellence, our bags cater to your unique needs.

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