Revolutionize Your Commute With The One Bag that Can Do It All!

The daily commutes can be a daunting task, between getting ready for work, dealing with traffic, and flighting sleepiness, making it easier where you can makes a huge difference! The struggle of trying to fit everything into a tote bag, only to have it weigh heavily on your shoulders, is a common frustration. The discomfort and inconvenience of lugging around an overstuffed bag can make even the simplest of commutes a hassle. This is the issue that we have set out to solve! The Execuluxe Rollerbrief was created because our founder was on tour speaking at conferences around The United States. She struggled to find a spacious briefcase that was still professional and stylish. Not many options were available for women with this issue, and she set out to solve it. 

The Rollerbrief was designed to be the perfect solution to streamline your daily commute and alleviate the burden. There has been extreme attention to detail in the design of each bag. It has a padded laptop case, a cellphone and sunglasses pocket, a key leash, and a water bottle strap. 

The Trolley:

Every Rollerbrief comes with a complementary removable trolley. This way you never need to lift your bag if you do not want to. It easily sides into the back of the bag. However, it is more than just a slot and can be zipped from the bottom to be transformed into a pocket or any suitcase handle can be slipped in, in place of the trolley. 


The Accessories:

One of the best parts of the Rollerbrief is that each of the eleven colorways has accessories to match! Each Rollerbrief comes with three complementary accessories but all are available to purchase separately. The accessories were designed with your work day in mind. 

Laptop Case: Each Rollerbrief has a padded laptop pocket and a matching laptop case is one of the accessories available. It comes with handles so you can easily slip your laptop out of your bag and bring it with you to any meetings or working lunches. This accessory is essential for any woman using this bag for her commute.

Padfolio: If you are bringing resumes to an interview, have a presentation, or just a job that deals with a lot of paperwork then the Padfolio is the accessory for you. Keep your papers organized and wrinkle-free while still looking professional and stylish. 

Lunch Tote: The lunch tote is another essential accessory for executive women on the go. Don’t stress in the morning. Prep your lunch the night before and keep your food fresh and hot/cold all day. The lunch tote was designed to perfectly fit three stacked glass meal prep containers and includes condiment pockets and elastic bands for silverware.

Clarity Case: Like all Execuluxe accessories, the clarity case was designed to transform into exactly what you need. Looking for an easy storage solution to keep your cords organized or pack some makeup for touchups throughout the day? The clarity case is the perfect solution. It is sleek and stylish but is also plastic on both sides making it very easy to wipe down. 

Navigating the daily commute doesn't have to be a struggle. Our Rollerbrief is the perfect solution for women who need to carry all their essentials without the discomfort and inconvenience of a heavy bag. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this bag will transform your daily routine, making your commute smoother and more enjoyable. Say goodbye to shoulder pain and hello to a new level of organization and ease.

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